Karen continues to serve on the pastoral team of the national Protestant church in the country where she serves as field personnel. Her work involved outreach that brings hope, humanitarian relief, and development opportunities to the sub-Saharan migrant and refugee population in her area. She spent this spring and early summer in the States, visiting with family and friends and raising program support funds for her work back overseas.

One of the projects her work supports is a microproject financing program. Many migrants have skills, training, and experience, but they have no start-up capital because of their refugee situations. If candidates can prove that they have relevant experience and a solid business plan, they can apply for grants to provide that capital. Teams work with the recipients for three months to ensure that they can meet their projected goals. These microprojects help the migrants successfully support their family and the community.

Another project her work supports is emergency repatriation for migrants and refugees who face unimaginable hardship and need to return to their homes, and who for whatever reason are not eligible for repatriation assistance through the United Nations.

Karen is grateful to all who support her work and who responded generously with prayers and with donations during her time in the States this year.

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