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$30/Month for 12 Months to Celebrate Our 30th Year! 

To commemorate and celebrate the 30th Anniversary of CBFGA, we are launching a 30th anniversary Legacy Giving Campaign. As we begin this 30th Anniversary Legacy Gift Campaign, we are excited to announce that an anonymous donor has already made a significant, six-figure gift to fund our legacy of theological education scholarships over the next few years. These scholarships will greatly enhance the capabilities of young ministers to attend seminary and graduate without a crushing load of debt. The first Lancaster Scholars, as they will be called, will be announced later this year after scholarship applications are accepted and interviews are conducted.

For 30 years, CBFGA has connected congregations, individuals, ministers, and mission and ministry partners in the life-giving work of Jesus in our state and beyond. We have launched churches, blessed mission trips and partnerships, responded as disasters struck both our state and our neighbors, and hosted a variety of camps and retreats for children, youth, adults, and older adults. We have supported congregations and ministers during times of ministerial transitions and have given theological education scholarships to promising young ministers so that newer generations can assume the mantle of leadership in our churches in Georgia and beyond.

How to Give to the Legacy Fund

The good and generous gifts of partner churches and individuals have supported all of this work. The significant lead gift in our campaign is an inspiration to us all and a testament to the power of giving to an organization that you believe in. Throughout 2022, you will hear stories and testimonies of the good work and lasting impact of CBFGA through our various media channels. We hope that you will give to this 30th Anniversary Legacy Gift Campaign so that, together, we can leave a legacy for the next generation of CBF Baptists in Georgia. As we prepare for future decades of ministry, CBFGA needs your commitment of resources to ensure the financial sustainability of our work. There are three ways you can join this Legacy Gift Campaign:

  • Make a one-time gift to CBFGA
  • Perhaps you would like to honor the memory of a free and faithful CBFGA Baptist who loved, guided, and ministered to you, such as a cherished pastor or minister. Maybe you would like to honor the good work of a current lay leader within your congregation who is living out traditional Baptist ideals that CBFGA embraces: the Lordship of Christ, the authority of the Bible, believer’s baptism, the priesthood of all believers, the congregational church, local church autonomy that encourages cooperation with others, the separation of church and state, and religious liberty.
  • Make a continual gift of $30 per month for one year to CBFGA.
  • This is our “30 for 30” campaign. We challenge you to give $30 per month for one year in celebration of our 30th Anniversary. What better way to celebrate the legacy and future of CBFGA than a continual monthly gift!
  •  Include CBFGA in your estate planning.

For those who would like to make CBFGA a beneficiary of your will, trust, or an insurance policy, or who would like to give to CBFGA through gifts of stocks and appreciated securities, gifts through your retirement plan, or through gifts of property or real estate, we can facilitate these gifts while working with the professionals at our Endowment Fund partner, The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Foundation.

Download the CBFGA Legacy Gift Guide Brochure for more information.

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