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    • The pastor in a secular age: ministry to people who no longer need a god.
    • The congregation in a secular age: keeping sacred time against the speed of modern life. (2019).
    • Churches and the crisis of decline: a hopeful, practical ecclesiology for a secular age. (2022).
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    • Proclaiming the baptist vision: religious liberty.
    • Proclaiming the baptist vision: the priesthood of all believers.
    • Proclaiming the baptist vision: the church.
    • Proclaming the baptist vision: the bible
    • Proclaiming the baptist vision: baptism and the lord’s supper

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Harvard Busines Review’s 10 Must Reads Series:

    • Leadership
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Managing Yourself
    • Strategy
    • Change Management
    • Managing People
    • Communication
    • Teams
    • Innovation
    • Making Smart Decisions
    • Collaboration

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