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Each semester, including over the summer, CBF offers the opportunity to college age youth (18 and over), seminarians and graduate students to enjoy mission opportunities that may lead to vocation callings in church or field ministries.

Historically, we’ve called these programs Student.Church and Student.Go, but we are now integrating these programs under the new name StudentServe.

Each participant will receive a stipend of $1,800 for Summer (240 hrs) and $3,000 for Fall (400 hrs).

We have in-person and a limited number of virtual options for domestic or international opportunities for the Summer and Fall of 2024.

Questions? Contact us at

Length of Internship: 10 weeks (this includes a required orientation and debriefing) starting mid/late May and ending early August.

Orientation: This event builds community among all CBF Student.Church and Student.Go interns, while also training and preparing interns to enter into their internship equipped with new skills and resources. Orientation is required. Orientation is tentatively scheduled for May 24-26, 2022, and will be held in person in the Atlanta, GA, area.

Debriefing: Students end their internship at a formal debriefing typically held at a retreat called Selah Vie. This experience is a necessary part of the process of transitioning back into student or work life. Selah Vie is being planned as an in-person event for the first week of August 2022.

Summer Finances: Student.Church interns are paid a minimum of $1200 (1/2 from church internship site and 1/2 from CBF). If the student serves in a CBF/GA church funds are added for the student from CBF/GA. In addition, CBF covers travel expenses to and from Orientation and Debriefing at Selah Vie and all costs associated with these events (if held in-person). The host church/site also covers housing (if needed) and expenses for all church-related activities while on the field.


The application deadline has passed for this year. Please check back next Fall for new opportunities to serve.

1. Review all the positions available by clicking here.

2. Choose your top three positions and note the reference numbers, you will need these when filling out the application.

3. Fill out the online application when available.

4. Download the participant covenant here. Please read and make sure you agree and are able to comply with requirements.

Church Application Information

Student.Church congregations are characterized as:

  Churches that affiliate with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship through financial contributions, support of global mission personnel, participation in CBF events, programs, etc.

  Churches that are seeking a relationship with CBF by actively engaging in conversation with CBF global staff, state and regional staff, or field personnel.

  Churches that are looking for an opportunity to mentor young adults as they grow personally and professionally.

  Churches that are already in conversation with a student to serve as their intern.

  Churches that are open to having an intern placed in their setting.

How do churches apply?

Begin by reading the Student.Church Internship Guide for more details about the program.

Whether you are a returning or new applicant you will need to apply via the Church Application Form.

If you have already approached a young adult about serving as your intern, please include their information. If you have not identified someone to serve as your intern, you will be asked to specify in general what you are looking for and the type of work the intern will be doing.

Churches may apply to host only one intern through the Student.Church program. After the deadline has passed and contingent on fund availability, additional interns may be requested/funded.

If you have questions about the internship, contact our team .

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Latest News

Mission Madness and a New Family Missions Weekend by Megan Doud

Mission Madness took place March 15-17 in Athens, Georgia. It was a wonderful weekend of serving the community of Athens with around 200 middle and high school students and their adult chaperones from across our state. Our theme for the weekend was “being the salt and light” of the world. WE are the light of the world; WE are the salt of the earth. Along with serving at fourteen mission sites in Athens, we packed 20,000 Rise Against Hunger meals. Serving and missions is a huge part of the mission for CBF of Georgia.

Another exciting way to get involved is coming up this fall! The weekend of September 13-15, we will have a CBFGA Family Missions Weekend hosted by FBC Dalton, called “Serving Beyond.” This will be an intergenerational weekend, Friday evening through Sunday morning, with all ages invited to participate. We will go out and serve the Dalton community, along with worshipping and fellowshipping together. One of the projects offered during “Serving Beyond” will be building ramps for people’s homes. If you have a group of people in your congregation who want to learn how to build such ramps, you will have the opportunity to do that this weekend. If you have always wanted to get away and serve with your whole family, you can do that this weekend. I am so excited about this weekend!

If you have any questions about this weekend, please reach out to me. I am looking forward to serving alongside of you. Details will be available soon.

Participate in a Ministerial Network! by Megan Turner Doud

Over ten years ago, I joined my first network, CBF Youth Ministry Network, as a first-year minister. Now, I am still heavily involved in this network and have served on the board for 10 years. I didn’t know then how important those ministers would be in my life. From the network, I met fellow ministers who became my peer learning group.

We have walked together through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, personally and professionally. We have celebrated babies and new jobs, while also grieving together having to move congregations, walking alongside sick parents, and losing loved ones. I can honestly say that without this network and my peer learning group, I would not be where I am today.

Since then, CBF has started two more family ministry based networks, the Children’s Ministry Network and the College and Young Adult Ministry Network. With my role with CBF of Georgia, I belong to both of these networks, too. I see the same communities being formed as I was a part of ten years ago.

Networks allow safe spaces to ask questions, from curriculum and camps to the hard struggles of congregational ministry. They cultivate friendships that remind you that you are never alone in this work. They have calls for discussing the hard topics we deal with in the church and with our students, and they invite professionals to learn from.

I cannot recommend enough joining one of these networks this year.

I also want to extend an invitation from the OASIS retreat planning team, which is made up of members of the Children, Youth, and College and Young Adult Network members, to take the leap to attend OASIS next year. You will leave with your soul filled to go back to your context with a renewed spirit. More information at

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