When you contribute to the CBF/GA Budget…

  • You provide scholarships for ministerial students in schools such as McAfee and Candler Schools of Theology. [we have students in these and other schools]
  • You provide placement assistance to local churches looking for staff and also to ministers who are seeking places to serve.
  • You provide assistance to new churches in Georgia.
  • You support women pastors and Baptist women in ministry across Georgia.
  • You provide funds for our annual weekends of March Mission Madness held throughout the state of Georgia.
  • You support training through co-sponsorship with other churches and organizations to promote education, leadership, and church development.
  • You provide support to the Baptist Women in Ministry of Georgia.
  • You enable CBF/GA to keep telling the story of free and faithful Baptists and provide much-needed assistance to some of the poorest communities in the world.
  • You provide the Visions newsletter to over 5,000 households and churches.
  • You enable CBF/GA to “tell the story” to individuals and groups in person, in writing, through the internet, and through music.
  • You contribute toward paying staff salaries, providing staff development and continuing education, providing payment for utilities, computer equipment and maintenance, and all the day-to-day office operations of the CBF/GA office.


  • Your church may send a check to CBF Global with a note requesting that a certain amount or percentage be forwarded to CBF/GA.
  • Your church may send a check to CBF/GA with a note requesting that a certain amount or percentage be forwarded to CBF Global.
  • Your church may send separate checks to CBF Global and to CBF/GA.


  • Using a CBFGA envelope, you may send your personal check directly to CBFGA. To request envelopes, please contact Rachel Greco or 478-742-1191.
  • CBFGA provides a State Mission Offering envelope that can be used for year-round giving to missions or for a Mission Offering emphasis in your church. For more information or to request a shipment, please contact Rachel Greco, or 478-742-1191.
  • You may donate directly online through our online form.

Donation Form

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