Making God’s Compassion Visible

For the past 40 years, Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM) has provided support for women in ministry and has been a voice of advocacy among Baptists, so that women might have equal opportunity in leadership among Baptists.

In 2023, as women are still not fully affirmed and embraced as ministers and leaders among Baptists, BWIM is committed to growing its current programs and advocacy, as well as starting new programs and initiatives to affect change, so that women will be able to thrive as they minister and lead among Baptists.

BWIM supports women pursuing ministry with current programs such as the mentoring program, book clubs, events, and through one-on-one support from BWIM’s staff. New programs are in development, including support for Baptist women of color in ministry and an expansion of the benefits of peer relationships as found in the mentoring program.

Congregations and church leaders can also engage with BWIM to grow in the ways they uplift women in ministry and leadership. Opportunities include participating in BWIM Month of Advocacy in March, utilizing BWIM’s training to help pastor search committees equitably consider female candidates and taking advantage of the resources BWIM provides such as the “Equally Called” curriculum created in partnership with CBF Global. BWIM is also developing a new initiative to help congregations explore how to cultivate environments of empowerment for women.

You can find more information about how you and your congregation can connect with BWIM here.

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