Earlier this year, the Coordinating Council of CBF/GA voted to explore selling our office building. This was not an easy decision. The office building, located at 2465 Hillcrest Ave., has been an integral part of the story of CBF/GA. For nearly 20 years, the office building has provided a firm foundation of our mission and ministry efforts. If its walls could talk, we would hear stories of faithful, committed Baptists whose devotion to the Kingdom of God called them to re-imagine congregational mission and ministry. We would be regaled by tales of the challenge of uniting congregations from around our state in mission and ministry. Our hearts would be warmed by the remembrances of the saints whose vision and dedication to the cause of moderate Baptists propelled this new expression of God’s church into being.

The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us, though, that there is a time for everything in our lives. And while our office building has been an important part of CBF/GA’s life, it is not the sum total of who we are and what we do. As our office staff has been restructured to meet our current ministry goals, we’ve found that the office is now too large for our needs.

And so, this summer, after much prayer and consideration, we placed the office up for sale. From the beginning, the CBF/GA staff and I hoped that the potential buyers would use the space to engage the surrounding community in meaningful and hope-filled ways.

Our prayers were answered around 4:00 pm on Wednesday, October 3, as the sale of our building was finalized and we received the check from the sale. The buyers of our building, Sky Innovations, Inc. and The Dennard Difference Foundation, will be using the building to provide safe space, educational programs, athletic camps, mentoring and life skills development for children and teens, especially those in the surrounding neighborhood. The Dennard Difference Foundation was started by Darqueze Dennard, cornerback of the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals and native of Middle Georgia. I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know Darqueze and believe that he and his colleagues will do good work and become an inspiration to many. In the days ahead, there may be opportunities for CBF/GA and CBF/GA partner congregations to connect with their work, too.

The proceeds from the sale of the building will be put into the Frank and Susan Broome Endowment Fund so that our future ministry and mission will continue to be supported in the years to come.

So, where can you expect to find the staff of CBF/GA in the days ahead?

We are excited to announce that we will be sharing a building with a ministry partner of many of our partner congregations, Nurturing Faith (formerly Baptists Today). Nurturing Faith’s office is located at the Carriage House on the Mercer University School of Law campus in Macon. Our physical address will be 988 Bond St., but we will continue to use P.O. Box 4343, Macon, GA 31208 as our official business/mailing address. This new space is being slightly renovated for our arrival and we expect to finalize our move into the new space shortly after our Annual State Gathering at FBC Columbus, November 3-5. Until we get settled, our staff will be working remotely so e-mail will be the best way to contact us:

Jody Long – jlong@cbfga.org
Martha Kate Hall – mkhall@cbfga.org
Melissa Kremer – mkremer@cbfga.org
Rachel Greco – rgreco@cbfga.org

We will try our very best to communicate in a timely and efficient manner but we would ask for grace as we enter into this season of transition. As soon as our office is up and running again, we will send out a communication to inform you of any other changes.

On behalf of the staff of CBF/GA, I want to extend our gratitude to all of our partner congregations and partnering individuals. As we begin this new chapter in the story of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia, we could not do this God-inspired and God-blessed work without you. We look forward to writing many more chapters in this good story with you.

Jody Long
Executive Coordinator

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