Since summer 2022, the Foushees have been back in Kanazawa, Japan, where their Japanese ministry began, serving in partnership with the Japan Baptist Convention there.

Since their commissioning in 2013, Carson and Laura have served alongside a pastoral presence among congregations in the Hokuriku and Kanto areas of Japan, cultivating beloved community among Japanese and internationals. They have been inspired by the faithfulness of the people among whom they live and work, a fact that stands out in a country where only one percent of the population is Christian.

After several years of working alongside the Tokiwadai Baptist Church in Tokyo, returning to Kanazawa Baptist Church has been a homecoming in many ways for Laura and Carson. When they joined Kanazawa Baptist Church in September of 2022, Carson and Laura gave testimonies, as is the custom in Japanese churches. Part of that testimony was about how their previous work in Kanazawa Baptist had helped to confirm their calling to long-term service in Japan.

Much has changed for the Foushees in their years in Japan. In addition to their daughter, Ada, in April of 2022 they welcomed son Judah into their family. They look forward to continuing to learn and teach alongside their sisters and brothers in Kanazawa, especially as they help meet the various needs of internationals in the area.

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