Central Baptist Church, Newnan

Many volunteers from Central Baptist, Newnan, work to support Feeding Our Friends, which delivers 120-130 meals weekly.

Each Tuesday, through “Feeding Our Friends,” members of Central Baptist Church in Newnan prepare 120-130 meals. We then deliver them for free, along with a side helping of care and friendliness, to needy and shut-in persons in the community. A faithful group of volunteers has been making this happen for over twenty years. When the ministry began, volunteers were delivering 40-45 meals, which has grown over the years to the current number. The needy persons receiving the meals are referred to the church by social service agencies.

While most of the recipients are elderly, not all of them are. And not all the needs are financial. According to Pam Hembree, “Sometimes the need isn’t so much for food. For some it’s just the greeting, having somebody knock on the door and check on them. They don’t have to be financially needy—there can just be a need. Sometimes that need is temporary.” Central Baptist also plans to prepare 40,000 meals through Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now) as part of their VBS week in June.


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