March 2023 marked ten years since I moved to Uganda to begin trauma healing and empowerment programs for the most vulnerable refugees in Kampala. I am deeply grateful for the ways that CBFGA and CBF churches in Georgia have come alongside our family and ministry team in these years.

Our ministry now serves over 500 families (2,000+ people) per year. Francis and I serve with a team of thirty-eight East African staff, half of whom have graduated from our programs. Your partnership and prayers allow us to provide refugees access to safety, wholeness, and empowerment so that they can heal, rebuild their lives, and begin living into their full potential. We walk alongside refugees during the most difficult situations, providing emergency services, safety, and in-depth holistic care through our shelters. We also offer vocational training, discipleship, and counseling, along with nursery and scholarship programs for children.

Your partnership with Amani Sasa impacts the lives of our participants and their entire families. They graduate empowered with hope and a deep sense of purpose, and they become passionate about sharing this hope and love with their friends and community. Alyse was earning eighty cents per day for ten hours of hard manual labor. Her children often went days without food.

She shared, “I often didn’t change my clothes because I didn’t have enough money for water or soap. With all the money I had, I bought food for my children.” Each day after work, Irene would check on Alyse and her family. She showed them love by sharing whatever food she had.

Then, Irene brought Alyse to Amani Sasa. Your partnership allowed us to walk alongside her during her pregnancy and later provide food during the difficult COVID lockdowns.

Alyse eventually enrolled in the basket program. Alyse arrived hopeless and in despair, but she found hope, healing, and comfort through community, and she developed a deeper connection to God. Alyse rejoiced: “I finally found peace! The basket classes saved my life! I can finally do a skill that provides enough money for me to feed my children and pay rent for our family. Now, my children laugh at night because they no longer go to bed hungry.”

Thank you for your partnership and support which gave both Alyse, Irene, and so many others hope, healing, and transformation! We are so grateful!

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