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The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia would like to help connect Baptist ministers wishing to relocate with Baptist churches that have vacancies. The office maintains two kinds of confidential files: o­ne of ministers open to moving and another of church positions. 
We share information with search committees and encourage them to follow through according to their needs and God’s leadership. While this office does not make recommendations, we do forward information to churches wishing to fill a position.

We ask that ministers who wish our assistance in searching for a new position:

  • Complete a "Minister Information Form," located at the bottom of the page. Information o­n this form is kept confidential but helps our office know your current situation as well as the kind of situation with which to share information.
  • Provide us with five hard copies of their resume.
  • Provide us with an electronic version of their current resume.

Upon receipt of the above items, we will activate a file and assist you with your search.

Please send all hard copy resumes to the following address: 
CBF of Georgia
Attention: Reference and Referral
POB 4343
Macon, GA 31208-4343

and all electronic resumes to the following email address:

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 By submitting this form, permission is hereby granted to CBF of GA to pass along my resume to search committees. I understand that this action does not represent a recommendation from CBF of GA.

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