CBF/GA Staff

E. Frank Broome
Executive Coordinator

478-742-1191, ext. 1

  • Bridge to an Interim
  • CBF/GA Coordinating Council 
  • Church growth and strategic planning 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Disaster response
  • Executive committee of Coordinating Council
  • Financial committeee of Coordinating Council 
  • Georgia meeting at National General Assembly
  • Giving to CBF/GA through church budgets or individually 
  • Interim and Supply 
  • Local Church Ministry Assistance
  • National Leadership Team
  • New Church Starts
  • Nominating Committee of Coordinating Council
  • Partnerships
  • Pastors Network
  • Peer Learning Groups
  • Reference and Referral
  • State General Assembly
  • Support and encouragement of churches, pastors, church staff, and laity 
  • Vision and mission of CBF/GA

Martha Kate

Martha Kate Hall
Associate Coordinator

478-742-1191, ext. 2

  • College student ministry
  • Young Baptist Ecosystem (formerly Current)
  • Curriculum and other educational resources 
  • Events
    •    Georgia Youth Choir Festival
    •    March Mission Madness and Immersion
    •    Now Serving: Atlanta
    •    Interfaith
  • Networks for ministers 
  • Peer learning opportunities 
  • Scholarships and theological education for seminary students 
  • Spiritual and missions formation in congregational life 
  • Teacher training and leadership development events for children, youth, collegiate, music, or educational ministry

Renée Bennett

Renée Bennett
Assistant to the Coordinator for Networking

478-742-1191, ext. 3

  • CBF/GA Coordinating Council
  • Correspondence
  • Database
  • Giving envelopes and special offerings 
  • Office Calendar
  • Office Interns

Rachel Greco
Administrative Assistant

478-742-1191, ext. 6

Melissa Callison Kremer
Assistant for Communications and Resources          

478-742-1191, ext. 4

  • Communications (brochures, flyers, and bulletin inserts) 
  • Database
  • Ordering of CBF/GA and CBF/National informational pieces
  • Public relations 
  • Re-Visions electronic newsletter 
  • Visions print newsletter 
  • Website

Dawn Williams

Dawn Williams
Assistant to the Coordinator for Finance  

478-742-1191, ext. 5

  • CBF/GA Budget 
  • CBF/GA contracts and legal documents
  • Church policy and human resources
  • Financial and giving records 
  • Giving to CBF/GA and CBF/National 



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