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CBF/GA Funding Available for Student.Church Interns in Georgia

This year CBF/GA will be  partnering with CBF Global to offer additional funding for up to ten CBF/GA churches who hire summer interns through the Student.Church internship program. Details and instructions for participating in the program are listed below.

How to participate in the CBF/GA Internship Initiative  for 2016

1.   Complete the Student.Church application. Churches may visit to access online and printable applications.

2.   Answer any supplemental questions from CBF/GA (These will be sent via e-mail after the application has been received.)

3.   Secure funding to cover the church expenses for an intern.

4.   Identify an intern either within your own congregation or through other contacts.

5.   Have the intern complete an application. Students may visit to access online and printable applications.

6.   Locate housing for the intern not living at  home.

Requirements for churches seeking additional funding  through  CBF/GA

•   Meet all requirements laid out in the Student. Church program

•   Exhibit church support of CBF/GA

•   Hire an intern with a CBF/GA    connection

—Currently a member of a CBF/GA  church

—Attending a CBF/GA church

—Attending a partner institution in GA

—Able to attend the Student.Church orientation and SelahVie debriefing

** Invite Frank Broome or Martha Kate Hall  ofCBF/GA to be present for and participate in a gathering during the summer while the intern is serving



Financial Requirements for each church participating in the CBF/GA Student.Church Internship Initiative are listed below.

Student.Church program through CBF National will provide:

*   $600 stipend for the student

*   $200 travel stipend to attend orientation and/or Selah Vie

The CBF/GA Internship Initiative will provide:

*   $1800 stipend for the student

*   Possible additional money to cover remaining travel expenses for orientation and SelahVie

The local church will  provide:

*   $600 stipend for the student

*   Housing for the student’s 10 weeks

*   $300 food stipend

*   Compensation for Church related travel

*   All expenses for church-related events and trips

*   Members to provide a meal for the student (either take the student out to eat or invite into their  home) at least once per  week

If you have questions, please contact Martha Kate Hall  at, call CBF/GA at 478-742-1191, ext. 2, or go to the CBF National website 



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